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Knitted Star Quilts- Baby Sized coming up...

Two years ago, I was introduced to Brittany Lloyd through an online community. She had recently published her Knitted Star quilt pattern and was advertising a Quilt-a-Long. I had never done a quilt-a-long before and was a little worried about not having enough time to do it or falling behind. Brittany was so encouraging through all of her online prompts, that I signed up and did it...

I put together a lovely bed sized quilt of this beautiful Knitted Star Quilt. (You can see additional pictures here) Her pattern challenged me and I have since purchased other patterns and made them up in a variety of ways, BUT the Knitted Star Quilt has remained my favorite.

I'm always looking for new ideas and after a number of discussions with a friend who is making this lovely Knitted Star Quilt for her son, I decided to whip up some single blocks as baby quilts.

Below, you can see the three colors ways I have started working with for these baby quilts. I was trying to pick some gender neutral colors (mint and yellow) but I just couldn't resist adding a pink! I think they are going to be delightful and can't wait to post the finished product but, until then....enjoy.

Look at the fun beginnings of the blocks!

All Three color ways cut up and ready to go. So many pieces, so many more pieces to go!

Follow me on Instagram for updated pictures @EllisDQuilter

Follow Brittany on Instagram for her fun updates @LoandBeholdStitchery

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