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Quilt patterns

We strive to make fun and colorful quilt patterns that are for beginning, advanced beginner and intermediate quilters. We hope you enjoy what we have created for you!


Let's Make Lemonade

This quilt was inspired by a quilt request for my kids school auction theme. The first one I made was completely off the cuff and without a pattern. After I completed it, I decided to mock up a pattern for others to use as well. we hope you enjoy making lots of lemonade with this fun quilt.

It is written to use scraps (my favorite), fat quarters or yardage. 

Click the image to purchase the pattern

Leftover Logs

I was challenged to make a quilt a with some leftover blue jelly roll strips. I'm not a huge fan of jelly roll quilts so I came up with this. It uses those left over jelly roll strips, and adds a little bit of a modern take with the extra solid sections.

You can do it in a single color, as pictured in the pattern or you can use your scraps (my favorite) in multiple colors.

Click the image to purchase the pattern


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