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Lets Make Lemonade Quilt in the works

As most quilters and crafters, I can't have just one project in the works at a time so....besides working on a custom order (the falling triangle quilt by Lo & Behold Stitchery), I have started writing the pattern for a quilt I made last year. The original was sold at an auction for my kids school and ever since the day I made the donation, I have wanted to make another one. I received a number of positive comments about the quilt and even a couple of enquiries to make another one, I have added this to my plans for this summer to make another one.

When I decided to make another one, I thought I would help other quilters out by writing down the pattern, because as we know, it is always easier when someone else figures out the math. As I started writing out the pattern, I found it more difficult to do than previous patterns I have done. The first time around, I made this quilt completely out of scraps so, I really didn't measure anything. I was also making it up as I went along, so recreating it, has been a little bit of a challenge. The pattern will not be exactly like the image below but it will be close and it will have a variety of sizes included. Right now, I am working on a baby size, lap quilt, large throw, and queen size options.

I'm using a new to me website ( to help me measure things out and to draft the images of the quilt for my written pattern. I'm excited about it and hopefully the finished pattern will be up in the my shop soon. My daughter really likes lemons so making a queen size one of these for her is on my list.

I think it would also be fun to see it in different color ways. What fun colorways would you like to see?

I'm also going to be adding this pattern as one of the options for custom quilts as it is a lot of fun to make and so summery!

I hope you will check back soon and add this pattern to your collection!


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